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Montgomery County Parks is very excited about this trail and I plan on being there tomorrow to celebrate it with them. Coming up next week on Trail Voice - "Ode to the Bike Commuter"

People actually fought hard against this trail. But supporters of green transportation won out on this one. The trail opponents cried that this trail would devastate parkland and bring all kinds of bad people into homeowner backyards. The homeowners were the nastiest, but Montgomery County's Sierra Club chapter has fought against trails like this for a long time, despite the fact that the alternatives are almost always zig-zaggy routes of unsafe roads or long detours around them, with lots of long traffic lights thrown in too. Good trails like this are gold.

So according to the people I talked to, its in the master plan to push the trail on to NH ave/ICC trail at some point....thus making it usefull

I rode this trail today and it was great. It was shady and smooth. The only downside was the numerous boardwalks on the eastern end, which threatened to shake a filling use. I can't believe that the residents opposed this trail. It is a real asset. There were people walking for exercise, walking their dogs and riding bikes. It connected numerous other parks, elementary schools and pools. I took it to the Rock Creek trail, which I took all the way into DC. It would be nice if there was a connection on the eastern end to a trail that ran south to the Sligo Creek Trail or if it ran further East. Too bad the county and state made a very poor decision on the ICC trail.

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