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I was out town on vacation on BTWD, but wish I had been in town and able to participate! :-( . My first season as a bike commuter, and I didn't even get do BTWD. Oh well, next year... Hope it went well and there was good turnout!

I could not go either. My son was sick and I worked from home... Bad day for Erics on bikes, I guess... ;-)

I'm so disappointed I couldn't do BTWD. I recently broke my foot and while the cast hasn't stopped me from riding around Old Town for short distance errands (with permission from the orthopedist), it does not seem comfortable, safe or practical to do the Old Town-Capitol Hill run with this particular handicap.

I'll be doing it as soon as this stupid thing comes off, though, and look forward to participating in BTWD next year!

Chu said he’d advocate for bike lanes in the District of Columbia. We need Secretary Chu to advocate for bike lanes in Prince William county which is more car centric then DC. It would make it safer to ride a bike there and get some cars of the road.

Three cheers for Dr. Chu. So where were the heads of the EPA and the DOT?

LaHood of DOT was going to show up at the Nationals Stadium pit stop, but at the last minute had to cancel (I think). Lisa Jackson was on her way back from New York where she'd been on The Daily Show the day before.

I'm a contractor at DOE and was very pleased to see Chu at the event. I actually sent him an email yesterday with suggestions for making the Forrestal Building a better place for bike commuting. I doubt he'll ever see it, but if he does I like to think he'll be receptive.

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