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I love the name Dave Thomas Virtual Circle. I ride through here and have never found it all that safe to ride all the way along 1st Street to Florida, then figure out how to turn right and left to get onto Eckington since traffic is backed up at rush hour. I think I almost always ride through the Wendy's parking lot and out through that traffic light on the Eckington side. I guess if 1st is right-turn only onto NY, I think it'll be tricky to get into Wendy's or go around the triangle.

oh jesus, did they trot interns out there to run this meeting? this sounds ridiculous.

c'mon, ddot, what's the point of holding a public information meeting if you have no information to give to the public...

"if the Metropolitan Branch Trail opens before work is done, they will not close it". Strange comment -- the next section of the Met Branch trail is supposed to be done by the end of this summer (although they have not done much yet some I am skeptical) . . if the bridge is not slated to be finished until 2011, certainly the trail will be open before the (bridge) construction is finished.

Interesting timing on the bridge construction. For those who would drive into the city on NY Ave, the next best route is Benning Rd/H Street - which is also under construction. Lots going on.

"DDOT is no longer adding road capacity as a general rule,"

That's idiotic, especially from an envirnmental footprint persepctive that includes the use of existing corrdiros and of tunneling.

They need to extend the I-395 tunnel.

And they need to cover the rail-yards, preferably as per the "Grand Arc" proposal.

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