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OMG! Cannot believe they actually let someone write "Death to Cyclists" in a paper (however loosely defined).

The same old, tired set of tortured "arguments" that really have no relevance.

In any event, he seems to have had a lucid moment and admitted that he just hates bicylcists because they get around town faster than he is and for no other reason. Oh wait, they make him late for picking up his latte at Starbucks on Saturday mornings when they are enjoying the outdoors.

This is exactly the kind of vitriole (on par with the Chris Core diatribe we had a little while ago) that will encourage drivers to intentionally bring bicyclists in dangerous situations in which they might well experience severe injuries or worse.

I don't understand the point of posting this. Is this writer a celebrity or something? Is the website notable in any way? Because I've never heard of either before. Unless what the guy thinks is somehow relevant, can we please not give hateful nutcases attention?

I'm with Scott here. Don't feed the trolls.

Ryan Sagar wrote the book "The Elephant in the Room" about the Republican Party. It was pretty successful. A journalist friend pointed me to the article but I'd heard of True/Slant before.

I'm taking down the links though. Turns out True/Slant pays an author for each pageview they get. So don't go to the site.

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