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Depends where you are comming from, but if you take the WO&D to Centerville Rd. in Herndon, you can currently jump over om McLearan to 28 and use the super-wide shoulder for the 1/2 mile ride to the off ramp. Give the work they are doing on the Air & Space parkway, I think it will join Centerville Rd eventually saving that cut-over.

Yes, yes, and yes some more.

you should start that rental business

You can also get to Air & Space Parkway by taking the bike path along the Fairfax County Parkway, then west on Franklin Farm Road, which becomes Barnsfield Road after kit crosses Centreville Road, then at the end of Barnsfield Road a short crossing over to the new access road to the Sully Plantation.

Oh yeah. When I did the Sully Plantation route wasn't yet open. This seems much more doable. That's basically what I was recommending with the Franklin Farm Road route.

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