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Yeah, but did the auto lane opening have commuter convoys? Free two-hour car rentals? "No car, no problem"? For drivers, watching a ribbon cutting beats sitting in traffic. I think most cyclists would rather be riding!

That's true. And we do get Jim Hudnall and a much better view.

How great would it have been if they had designed and given out a commemorative spoke card!

There may have been big ceremonies and ribbon cuttings for the first part of the bridge opening. But as I recall, when the thru lanes opened back in December, it was after a weekend of pain, and the lanes were just quietly opened up. So you guys'll get more bang for the bike/ped path opening.

If it wasn't for having duty that day, and then helping a friend move up in Northwest, I'd be there.

Any word on the bridge's little brother? The one that goes from Wash. Street over to Route 1?

Yes. It's opening at the same time. More on that forthcoming.

Great news! Thanks for the crazily prompt response!

(I've already walked across the smaller bridge. The only trouble was that it was a bit torn up on the Route 1 side).

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