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Not on point, but this is a great bike blog. And most of the posters are terrific too. With so much crap on the internet, it is really refreshing to experience the quality of the dialog here.

"About a week later, he said, the front tire was stolen while the bike was in the rack at the College Park Station."

Gee, this thief went to a lot of trouble. The thief had to remove the front wheel from the bike, deflate the tire, remove the tire from the rim of the wheel, and then replace the wheel.

And, if the bike owner had a clue, he would have properly locked the bike so the front wheel could not be removed.

On most bikes I see locked up, both wheels are not locked. Nor is the seat locked, etc... There's always more one could do to prevent theft, but that doesn't make him clueless. You should be able to lock up your bike outside a Metro station and find it there when you get back - and blaming the victim isn't going to get us to that point.

Great blog -

Maybe I haven't seen it here, or anywhere really, but what about a discussion about the pros / cons regarding the various ways of locking up your bike? Ulocking front & rear wheels through frame, cable locking frame & wheels in place, quick release seat post clamps, vs. allen key, commuting via junker, etc. Just a thought, but I'd love to hear the thought process.

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