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My main concern with potential 4-to-3 "diets" is with traffic volumes. If you have enough traffic on the road (generally around 15K ADT), you can create some serious congestion issues on a 4-to-3, cancelling out any potential safety benefits that might ensue.

That shouldn't be a problem here, though. Lawyers Rd averages around 10K ADT, so traffic volumes are low enough to where a 4-to-3 can work...

Id like to point out that the "diet" for Arcola made the road much worse for cyclists....those bump-outs now force you into the single lane of angry traffic on a regular basis.

It would be great if they would put a jersey barrier between the bike lane and car lane. Do that, and even your grammie would ride it.

I noticed another problem with the Arcola configuration recently. I was behind a bus that stopped near one of the "bump outs" and I could not pass it - the bus was a complete block to all vehicle traffic. This was a Sunday so traffic was light . . but it would be s significant problem during rush hour. (Had I been on a bike, I could have passed the bus though!)

Jersey barrier requires an absolute minimum of 3ft for barrier width and buffer. That doesn't count the 2ft buffer that is the minimum preferred for vehicle lanes next to a Jersey barrier.

Given the limited width of Lawyers Rd (44ft), it just isn't feasible here.

Hooray for Lawyers Road!

As for Arcola Ave, Montgomery County DOT has been chastised by bicyclists (including me) for making the Arcola Ave. bumpouts stick out too far into the road. They easily could have made them smaller and helped everyone. Last time I rode there I had two dangerous situations where drivers thought they could beat me into the gap.

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