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By the way, any idea where to report potholes in the City of Alexandria? VDOT's thing doesn't cover most roads in Arlington County or independent cities. So, for our region, that website is basically just for Fairfax and Loudoun Counties.

Scott, you can report potholes for roads maintained by Arlington https://www.arlingtonva.us/Departments/EnvironmentalServices/cpe/concrete/resform.htm>here. And http://www.arlingtonva.us/Portals/Topics/TopicsProblem.aspx>this page has links to all of their online reporting forms (including fallen trees and animal control).

You used to be able to report them in Prince Georges County but every time I went looking for the page it had moved. This worked very well (every report I made was handled in 24 hours) but didn't apply to State roads. Currently the link to report is http://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/Government/AgencyIndex/DPW&T/Improvements/pothole_form.asp but like I mentioned, it is prone to change.

State roads on the other hand had to reported by phone and I never got around to trying to report one of those.

Thanks for the round-up!

Do we know whether Bob Frederick was wearing a helmet on his last ride?

And terrible story re: Carla Harting. My route takes me past the Jefferson Memorial every day and pretty much any car that hits a bicyclist really wasn't paying attention. Nevertheless you get the cars that crowd you and honk at you.

For what? Enjoy the view and relax.

For Alexandria, this is the best I know of:


I haven't used it, and despite it being talked about on some city pages as the place to report potholes online, it doesn't seem to have "Pothole" listed as an option.

Alternatively, the Alexandria bike map has this number listed as a way to report potholes: 703.838.4488

Yes, Frederick was wearing a helmet. He was even a helmet advocate according to tree hugger.

The cyclist on 14th and V was not hit by a car; she ran into some sort of debris or a pothole and fell. An SUV parked near her to block traffic until an ambulance came. she was not wearing a helmet.

Here is a (increasingly vitriolic cars vs. bikes) thread on the incident (via Prince of Petworth).

Not another vitriolic cars vs. bikes thread! When will people learn? The conflict is between safe road users (regardless of mode) and morons who endanger themselves and others and disrupt traffic (regardless of mode).

Eric (not W.), thanks for the info on reporting potholes in Alexandria. There's a nasty one on my commute that I often forget about and hit when it's dark. I guess I'll use the phone, since that website seems to be missing a "Submit" button...?

My bad for jumping to the conclusion the cyclist was hit; from the way the car was parked it looked like it had stopped short from an accident.
Many thanks to the driver(s) that stopped and helped her.

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