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Absurd. If it's really about safety/respect for the law/whatever, let's see motorists ticketed for going 1 mph over the speed limit.

However, whether or not this story inspires respect for Loudoun County, its name does have two Us.

I think my spelling is preferred and easier. I shall petition them to change it, but in the interim I will use their unintuitive spelling.

Let's see if the motorist who hit the cyclist gets ticketed.

I've said this before. I live on a corner, and there are 2 stop signs. About 5% of the drivers actually stop. Most, about 75% treat them as a yield right of way signs, and 20% ignore the signs completely.

"Let's see if the motorist who hit the cyclist gets ticketed."

Of course not. he did not see the bicyclist so that is all that the police needs to know.

Actually, the cyclist that was run off the road (hit) by the car was charged along with another rider for assault and destruction of property. Apparently there was an altercation that involved the driver and the two cyclists after the car ran then off the road.

Just to fallow up my own comment. The incident occurred in Purcellville just before noon. I was there just after it occurred as a participant in the MS150. I have been looking for some more info on the incident. Here is some info from crimereports.com:

07 Jun 2009
200 BLOCK A Street, E
Distance: 4.16 miles
Identifier: 2009108557
Time(24h): 11:42

This incident was also referenced by Capt. Thom Shaw, a member of the Field Operations Division of the Loudoun County Sheriff's office in a Washington Post online chat today:


"The ride in question involved over 700 cyclists. In total, 8 traffic tickets were issued to cyclists for failing to stop for a stop sign. Two other cyclists were charged in Purcellville for assault during a traffic altercation."

Loudoun has been hostile to cyclists for some time now, with a huge pushback from the good old boys. The Sherrif has vowed to begin a massive campaign to ticket riders. Is he also willing to start a massive campaign to protect riders who are due the same courtesy by cars as other cars? I believe Loudoun county is overdue for a Critical Mass.

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