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great news! Though I am confused by this "finished by the end of summer and maybe even by Labor Day".

Is that the same thing?

Too bad the bridge won't get started until 2010. Not sure what all those people who currently cross the railroad tracks to get to RI Station will do. Of course I am assuming better fencing will be in place than the chain link that gets cut repeatedly.

Summer ends on September 22nd.

I like the architect's renderings for the proposed union station bike thing....

that's what it would look like if all bike riders were 6+ ft and all of them rode identical uber-cool black track bikes!

By contract, the Trail must be completed by July 22, 2009. Cannot wait to hear DDOT's excuses come that date, since we know they will not fine, for such a small project, a contractor they use regularly.

thanks for the summer explanation! Can't wait to hit the trail...

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