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Odd timing on that photo. I went through there the other night and was mad to see that metal plate still there, what...a year after it was put down? Are they even still working on whatever is underneath? DDOT should encourage (dare I say require?) PEPCO, Verizon or whoever must dig up the street to prioritize work that effects the bike network. If a comparable sized bump/hole took up the entire regular travel lane, rest assured the ANC would have been all over DDOT and Councilmember Graham to have it fixed.

Glad to see DDOT moving quickly into resurfacing/bike lane striping season. Now how about we get the crew to finish Columbia Rd. while they are over there?

If you're referring to the metal plate in the bike lane at Calvert and Biltmore it's been there way over 2 years. I called 311 on it about a year ago but nothing ever happened.

I've been after DDOT to fix that durn plate for a while. Let me try again.

In February 2008 I asked DDOT to repair the bike lane and remove that plate and was quite pleased with their response time: within two days they replied saying the situation had been resolved.

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