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Good post. This is consistent with other memorials around D.C. For example, you can ride through the FDR memorial. You can park or walk your bike.

I meant to say "you can't ride through the FDR memorial."

I used to bike commute through Arlington Cemetery in the late 1980s, and bikes were allowed -- even encouraged with the placement of green "Bike Route" signs and guards that happily waved you through. That policy began to change during the first Iraq war. After that, sometimes you were waved through, other times not. You couldn't guess the pattern, so I stopped using that route. And, then we moved away, so I've lost track of the policy. But, when I was last driving through the cemetery (visiting my father-in-law's grave), I thought I saw the "Bike Route" signs still there, up near the grave of Abner Doubleday (not my father in law!) and the Lee Mansion. I'll keep an eye out the next time I'm there. If those signs are still there even though biking is prohibited, it certainly would result in confusion.

Also, to freewheel's point, there's a big difference between vehicular roads through a cemetery, and a pedestrian walkway through a memorial.

That said, I agree with WashCycle -- disallowing bikes in a natioanl cemetery seems like a reasonable prohibition. I just wonder if the policy is consistently enforced and communicated.

Point taken, MVMike. It would not be a terrible thing for cyclists to ride slowly through on the road only, if it was done respectfully and with some awareness.

it's not Lee Mansion, it is Arlington House.

I thought the original story was weird and was someone new to DC. I played with a friends GPS once and it routed us THROUGH the cemetery to get from Crystal city to DC.

There was a bumper-to-bumber jam of cars driving into the cemetary. I was on the road with the cars. I was turned away BECAUSE I was on a bicycle. Cars were not turned around.

Some practical points:
1. You can ride through the FDR Memorial, I have done it many times. Just keep your pace reasonable so you don't disturb other visitors.
2.For practical purposes Bike Arlington information on this issue is useless. The bike map has no route marked within the cemetery boundaries.The so called "yellow route" is not part of the cemetery.
So, please provide some clear, helpful information (like where you can park your bike, etc).

Juan Carlos, that is incorrect. There are rules against riding bicycles through any of the federal memorials including FDR, Korea and the Vietnam Wall. Instead, they may be walked through or there are bike racks at each site. The fact that you've done it in the past only means you've zoomed too quickly past the red-slash-circle signs to read them.

It's no big deal, but I'm left scratching my head a little about how riding a bicycle through a cemetary is disrespectful but the tour mobiles are not.

I don't think it's disrespectful personally, but I suppose one might feel that tour mobiles were there to help people visit the cemetery while cyclists were just passing through (or even riding laps for exercise). I do remember an argument among friends about whether it was rude to run in the Cemetery. Of course, I walk my dog in Congressional cemetery so I may be more lenient than some.

While it is true that tour mobiles are in Arlington Cemetary to help people who are tourists visit the cemetary, but when the loudspeaker on the tour bus is blaring to indicate that JFK is buried here or Todd Lincoln is buried there, it doesn't lend to the "sacred place" people steretypically describe it as. Rather, it lends itself to the atmosphere of a tourist circus.

Think of it this way: If you were at Arlington Cemetary to visit a loved one's grave, would you be more distracted (and disturbed) by a tour-mobile rolling along blaring information about where the bathrooms are and the signficance of JFK's life, or would you be more distracted by the noise of a bike rolling down the road?

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