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As you've now experienced, there are a lot of stupid people in the world...

Were the tires cut? That is implied by the tire order.

Should have read the Examiner article before commenting...

Terrible! Very sorry about that. Let's hope the video is available and good quality and the police actually does their job even though it is "only" about some pesky bikers who are always causing trouble.

12 tires is about $500-$600 in damage, nothing to sneeze at and a real problem for the area. Next time the criminals might graduate to car tires.

The security guard mentioned that some kids had smashed windshields last month. I realize that in the scope of pointless crimes committed in SW DC over the last week, this one pales in comparison - but I'm still pretty angry.

12 tires slashed is about 600 bucks worth of damage; can you imagine how the 5-0 would have reacted if 600 dollars worth of damage was done to a car? they would have been outraged!

Sorry, Mr. Washcycle...

The officer was very professional and polite about it - I don't want my doubt to seem like I doubt the MPD. My doubt comes from the difficulty in identifying the perpetrators from the video. If I can get the video, I plan to put it up on the website.

very sorry to hear this


congrats on finishing school!

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