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FMR is always part of my commute as I jump over to MVT from Commonwealth Ave. Yesterday rode on through to Mount Vernon Ave along the north side of the creek, and the new lines look good. Now they just need to resurface some of the places where the asphalt is coming apart or being turned into spoke-killing speed bumps by tree roots...


Are you sure we are not the same person? ;-)

I came home after dark yesterday and took a shortcut so I only noticed the new striping this morning. Very yellow and it seems that they have marked some of the most egregious root buckles on the path between Mount Vernon Avenue and the water treatment plant. Not sure whether they are also planning to take care of the potholes and cracks (as Eric mentions above).

We'll see how well and how quickly they will address those items. That section really is in bad shape.

The Arlington BAC has been talking about the County buying a root-grinding machine, so maybe the markings are for that.

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