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I meant that stretch of Kansas Avenue, and Ward 4 more or less.

To launch a program like this it needs to be in an area where people already walk, and where the built environment is more dense and street-oriented.

It happens that I now live a few blocks away from Kansas Ave. and in fact, to go downtown and other points (i.e. Georgetown) it is my primary route to either Georgia Ave. or 13th Street or Columbia Road. So I know it well.

W4 is an automobility community. On our street (face blocks) there are probably 24 houses. Only the vacant houses and us don't have a car. (Most have one, some have two, at least two houses have three cars.)

2 blocks away is a one block commercial district with a dry cleaners, barber, Af-Am food co-op, a great Caribbean restaurant, and two boutiques oriented to older women. The boutiques do a great job "dressing" their windows, changing them weekly. But hardly anyone in the neighborhood walks. (We walk to the Takoma Metro station--until the last week--Mon. - Friday.) So it's wasted.

It's this info. that makes me suggest that W4 is not the place to launch a program like this.

OK. I'll agree. The temptation is going to be to close down a quiet street (so as not to disturb drivers and bus routes) but the place to do it and have success is on a busy street. I guess I hadn't thought of that until your post.

I'll have to remember to invite you and Allison over so you can see the intra-DC suburb that I live in...

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