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That entire road should be reconsidered, and reduced to one lane in each direction, potentially with space for (frequent) bus traffic to the metro station. A stop light for pedestrians is the least they could do.

I cross this most days. It's definitely a pain, since a lot of people just ignore the flashing lights. That said, if you keep alert, I don't find it to be that dangerous (I always walk my bike across).

Eric Olson is awesome, by the way. (Here in PG County, we consider our council members "awesome" if they're not crooks, but he's been very responsive about a number of issues.)

I don't think we can get a speed camera there, since the legislation restricts them to school zones and work zones, but I hope I'm wrong.

A total BS answer by the Prince George's DPW about warrants. If that's true, then show us the engineering study. Why isn't a HAWK signal being considered? A HAWK doesn't require a warrant like a traffic signal. There is already one on Queens Chapel.

I bet Susan Hubbard hasn't ridden a bicycle since she turned 16, and then she only rode it on the sidewalk near her house.

My second beef with this intersection is the connection to Rhode Island Ave (the continuation of the trolley trail).

The sound barrier creates a blind intersection with the sidewalk path to the rest of the trolley trail. Then the narrow sidewalk dead-ends into a foot-wide asphalt "ramp" for cyclists.

They should:

  • Move the sidewalk away from the wall

  • Widen it to standard multi-use path width

  • Provide a proper ramp transition to Rossborough lane.

More on topic - I take that intersection fairly often. You kind-of have to take the 'step-and-dare' approach in order to get the traffic to stop.

The frequent UMD shuttles are great about stopping for pedestrians. However, since it's a four lane road, they also block the view of approaching traffic. You have to step gingerly around them, since oncoming traffic only sees a stopped bus, and drivers don't seem to connect the fact that the flashing lights means a pedestrian is crossing.

Looks like progress:

The University may count for a "school zone". Cool.

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