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Hope you get well soon! In my experience there is no traffic law a taxi driver wouldn't violate whenever they see someone raising a hand.

I'm a bit dismayed that we have yet a another report of the carelessness and apparent disinterest on the part of police to complete a full and accurate accident report. It seems, all too often, that in the case of motorist/cyclist accidents the MO is to transport the victim, toss the debris to the side of the road, and get traffic moving again.

Wouldn't it be cool if there were a rapid response team that, upon learning of a cyclist down, would respond to the scene. They could act as the cyclists advocate in this initial stage of the investigation (since the cyclist himself is usually not capable).

With our areas contributory negligence stance all it takes is for the motorist to claim the usual "crazy cyclist" defense and, aided by the police officers laziness in gathering an accurate and impartial report) the cyclist is left in a weakened position when trying to obtain compensation for their damages and injuries.

I could see the responsibilities of the response unit being to do the work the police office *should* be doing.
1) If able, initiate contact with the downed cyclist and offer to convey any immediate messages to loved ones/work.
2) Interview and collect statements from witnesses.
3) Take possession of any of the cyclists personal effects for safekeeping.

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