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The Bus has more problems than lack of bike racks. I think the majority of their bus "stations" are rusty signs that loosely hang from dirt at odd angles.

The bus in the picture is obviously a metro bus... here is a picture of a DASH bus (albeit sans bike rack).


I couldn't find a photo of the DASH bus with a rack. If someone takes one and either sends it to me or, ideally, puts it in the Washcycle flickr group, I'll post it.

I hope to see one of them there DASH busses today and if I can whip out my Blackberry Storm fast enough I will take a 3.2MP picture for your use...

They are actually under-selling the Duke Street overpass, because by connecting the Cameron Station development to that library, they're also connecting the Cameron Station development to the Holmes Run Pkwy bike/ped trail. And one thing they didn't mention is that they've been repaving the Holmes Run trail, which it needed, badly. They've done a good job of it too, at least for the .10 mile that I ride it.

My informal survey of the Dash buses I've seen in the past several days leads me to believe that the author of the newspaper article is wrong about the bike racks on Dash buses. There are not any.

CLARIFICATION: A quick correction to this story is nessary. DASH buses do not yet have bike racks. The City of Alexandria and DASH are working to install racks and it is a priority. This need was identified as a possible stimulus project, but has not yet been funded.

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