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Hmm. That's quite a lot to digest. A couple of questions and one observation.

*What is "College Park Trail - IV"?

*More generally, what does it mean if a project is listed under "Planned Transportation Improvements"?

*The Silver Spring Green Trail sounds nice, but I've found the on-street connections from the Sligo Creek Trail to the CBD (e.g. via Bonifant) perfectly reasonable -- and I'm not a particularly fearless cyclist.

I think College Park Trail IV is phase IV of the College Park Trolley Trail. But I'm not sure if Phase IV is the part that extends the trail north along Rhode Island Avenue from Paducah Road north to Route 1, the center section that connects Calvert Road to the Paint Branch Parkway, or the south section to Hyattsville.

Planned Transportation Improvements, I think, are things that have been in previous plans and are moving along as last stated without change (not new, not completed and not delayed).

The Green Trail will probably serve pedestrians more than cyclists. Although, as I recall, Wayne is on a steep hill so maybe going west from Sligo Creek cyclists will use it as a climbing lane.

At the TPB meeting today, an amendment was added to the TIP by Chris Zimmerman of Arlington that would require the TBP to determine which other TIP projects (those not in the bike/ped catagory acutally include biking and walking improvements, ie. if a sidepath is added at the same time a road is widened. The amendment also calls for a dollar figure to be put to the number so we can get a true sense of the funding for bike/ped projects that are approved in future TIPs.

College Park Trail IV is the City's missing link north to Paint Branch Parkway. It is the most expensive portion because it requires the road to be rebuilt, too. Construction in the spring of 2010, I hope.

A smaller segment in Lakeland connecting the two blocks between Pierce Avenue and Berwyn House Road in the Lakeland neighborhood is being designed now, too. That would complete the Trolley Trail in the City of College Park.

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