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As someone who's taken to making his commute entirely by bike almost all the time, I really wish they'd address number 3. The fact that it needs to be employer-paid seems really unfair, since the other transit benefits do not work the same way.

I inquired about the bike benefit at my organization's HR office. They discovered that it was only available if the benefit was employer-paid, and since all transit benefits at my workplace are employee-paid, there is no way for me to claim any benefit.

While in many ways, riding to work is enough of a benefit in and of itself (don't tell Congress that), the only tangible benefit I have is the benefit of not paying for metro benefits anymore. It'd be nice, though, to have a little tax-free help to help offset some basic bike expenses.

The only people I know with employer-paid transit benefits are federal employees, so I'm glad they can take advantage of the benefit, but what about the rest of us left to ourselves and unable to claim a measly $20 (or $40?) tax-free dollars a month?

Does the bill contain any ideas on how to pay for these tax breaks?

Not sure. I think CBO has to do an analysis of how much they'll cost, and then under pay-go rules some form of savings or tax increase elsewhere would have to cover it.

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