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Despite what one of Alexandria's planning commission members, Lawrence Robinson, thinks

[He] went on a rant about how bikes are always getting in the way of his car during a July 2 discussion of the outdoor display of rental bikes. He thought any behavior that encouraged more biking was a bad idea.

Pretty funny to read that as I glance down at my commuter backpack and see the hi-vis reflective elastic ankle strap I scored as swag at an event sponsored by the city this spring which reads "Spin City 2009 - City of Alexandria".

In any case, I hope that we can do something to institute the Idaho stop in the DC area [before I get a ticket for doing it! ;-)], and as a current resident of Alexandria, it'd be great to see my city lead the way.

I'd like the Idaho law to pass before I get rear ended doing a full stop in Old Town.

Sheesh, this has been quite a week for Alexandrians to be proud of their elected officials. Who is this Lawrence Robinson, anyway?

Lars, I live in Old Town and I think it's the perfect example of where we need the Idaho stop!

Finally--what is the likelihood that this would or could be passed city-to-city (or county to county)? I'm pretty sure that traffic laws are a state matter (except in rare examples where the laws are made more restrictive, like NYC's ban on right turns on red). If that's the case, than DC could still pass it, but the likelihood of the good ol' boys downstate in Real Virginia (TM) letting the uppity, hippieish, potentially homosexual cyclists who clog up THEIR roads enough stark braking The Law putting their very lives in danger is....slim to none. Oops are my secessionist leanings showing ;)?

the year after the Idaho Stop became law, bicycle injuries in the state actually declined by 14.5 percent.
Careful there, correlation does not equal causation. How have the numbers held up since that year after enactment? Any chance the following year was a statistical blip?

I know. I thought the same thing (about the one year blip at least). I emailed Jason Meggs to ask him if he had any more data and I'm waiting to hear back.

I as well have started yield stops instead of complete stops because motor vehicles don't come to a complete stop the majority of the time. I do make sure it is safe to cross and stop (complete) for any traffic that does have right of way.

Catherine, the good Commonwealth has already engineered an end to the two wheeled pinkos in Northern Virginia. Their VDOT has all but banned paved shoulders.

What makes so little sense about the Idaho stop is that police cars generally don't bother to come to a complete stop in these parts!

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