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Pennsylvania Ave NW belongs to NPS? That doesn't make any sense. Which part belongs to NPS? Because you have to go to DC to get permits if you want to to shut down Pennsylvania Ave and use it for an event, which implies that DC owns it. NPS owns all the triangular parks at intersections, but they don't own city roadways AFAIK.

It's Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site.

The Pennsylvania Avenue NHS is its honorific listing on the National Register of Historic Places. It's basically treated as a historic district. It has no bearing on ownership.

The National Capital Planning Commission, the Commission of Fine Arts, and the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation all have some say in what gets done in the Pennsylvania Avenue NHS, but it's the city that owns it and ultimately issues permits.

I work at the DC Historic Preservation Office, so I'm pretty sure about this, but I'll ask around the office to make sure.

The permitting might be different, and ownership may not be the right word, but the point is that DDOT feels they can't install bike racks or lanes without NPS permission.

As nice as a bike connection on the east side of the WWB up to DC would be, I don't think removing a lane from South Capital is the way to do it, for two reasons. First, traffic volumes on South Capital are well beyond the threshold at which you need to maintain 4 lanes on an urban corridor. Second, South Capitol becomes Indian Head Hwy in Maryland, which is a route not exactly configured for bicycles (and IIRC bikes are actually prohibited south of the Beltway).

IMO, a good way to go, at least in the interim, would be for an improved connection along or on the west side of Oxon Hill Rd from the WWB trail connection up to the bridge to Oxon Hill Farm. Then follow the trail through the farm, which has a bridge across Oxon Run to get to Blue Plains/DC Village. Run a bike route through that area, then up Overlook Ave SW from NRL up to Bolling. Then north of Bolling, run a trail up the west side of South Capitol to connect to the Frederick Douglass Bridge and the planned Anacostia River trails.

Hopefully this works, but here's my idea as displayed in Google Maps:


I don't think it's a lane off S. Cap all the way to Southern Avenue.

You're route is the same as what exists now. It's very circuitous, and involves climbing Oxon Hill only to ride back down it.

Doesn't matter where you take a lane off South Cap. Traffic's too heavy to go with less than 4 lanes. And doing it north of the Anacostia (in front of Nat's stadium) is pointless if the intention is a connection to the WWB, which the discussion you mention in the article suggests...you tied the South Capitol study in with the need for connections to the WWB.

My route doesn't completely exist...at least not in a bicycle capacity. Unless you're military and can go through Bolling, there's a gap between Overland Ave and Firth Stirling. Also note that I suggest this as an interim solution, until a more direct routing can be pursued.

Regarding Oxon Hill, short of building something new on the west side of 295 between the Beltway and Blue Plains (which IMO is the "permanent solution"), you're never going to avoid that hill climb.

I didn't do a very good job of explaining where this project is. It's from the south side of the South Cap Bridge to at least where South Cap splits off with Overlook.

You can now ride south on the route you drew - I've done it, but not north.

Every time I've been on this stretch of South Cap it has been sparsely used so I'd be interested in how much it is beyond the threshold. Nonetheless, I doubt DDOT will remove a lane if the extra capacity isn't there.

Ok. That's the section where they could fairly easily add a trail along the west side, as I noted in my proposal.

My own experience is different from yours...every time I go to Bolling (usually mid/late-afternoons, before rush hour), that stretch of South Cap is pretty busy, especially southbound. Also, looking at DDOT's traffic counts, that stretch is still well above the threshold where 4 lanes are needed.

On a related note, I've conceptualized a plan to simplify the I-295 and South Cap interchanges at Malcom X/Bolling there...but that would require a good bit of coinage.

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