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I bike K Street alot, right in the main roadway. I'd rather have smooth pavement and get rid of those broken brick sidewalks, than a dedicated bike lane. I can go alot faster and safer on a smoothed out K Street than I can in a pedestrian filled bike lane.

that should be broken brick CROSSWALKS

About the only difference between a bicycle track and a sidewalk is the legality of riding there. Pedestrians will ignore the distinction.

I'm with Brendan. I haven't read up on the general plans for K Street, but overall, I'm skeptical of bike lanes and special bike infrastructure. Often, these types of concessions to cyclists are just that: concessions. The root problem is glossed over, which is that drivers aren't being educated about the legitimacy of cycling on the road.

As it pertains to street planning, the focus should be more on safety and flow for all users. Most planners will tell you that the traffic circle (ones WITHOUT traffic lights...Dupont Circle is such a mess) is king when it comes to making roads safer and more efficient. Too often, city officials and planners see their primary transportation responsibility as keeping traffic moving at its maximum legal velocity.

I could go on forever on this topic (I work in transportation), but the main point is that we need to foster mutual respect between drivers and cyclists, and to build infrastructure (like traffic circles...) that allow us to safely police ourselves, instead of coming up with complicated, cluttered road and sidewalk designs that encourage us to be passive when we walk, bike or drive.

I like a Euro-style cycle lane with a buffer. If it catches on pedestrians will stay off it for the most part- I picture joggers cloging it up but you can't make everyone happy.

I didn't make it hom in time for the meeting OR The Bachelorette; thank God for Dealiest catch or I'd have to read.

A concession to cyclists? Ridiculous. I'd much rather see infrastructure that offers the possibility of safe cycling (various techniques to separate bikes and traffic) than to tackle driver education. That's an uphill climb that'll put a dent in the issue at best. Jeez... just switch the locations of the damn parking lanes and bike lanes and we're half way there in most cases.

Haha, Micah. I did have time for the K Street meeting, and fully intended to go, but instead opted for the outdoor movie night sponsored in part by WABA. Surprisingly, there were actually more Vespa riders there than cyclists.

I'm with Brendan. I ride on K a lot, there's nothing wrong with the way it's currently configured.

The cycle-track that's being proposed sounds like something that would make me very uneasy -- I would expect to be cut off by cars all the time because they're not looking for you, and have no place to go when it happens.

Riding on the road I find I get cut off by turning cars -- "cyclist invisibility" I call it -- but at least I have the full width of the road for evasive maneuvers. Worse, the presence of the cycle-track would probably make motorists more hostile toward cyclists who choose to use the road.

Finally, has any thought been given to what the legal status of a cycle-track is? Is it part of the roadway? Is it a sidewalk? Cyclists are ill-served when infrastructure is created without any thought about how it relates to the infrastructure that already exists. Look at the confusion that exists about what to do when a trail crosses a road. This will be far worse, because it crosses an intersection every block.

Hey Contrarian, it's good to see you back here.

"Greedy cyclists"

Please explain why we are struggling to justify squeezing extravagant bike lane wishes into the K Street project. Should we also demand bike lanes along any new Metro tracks?

Put the lanes on L Street and I Street, and leave K Street to the buses.

This is awkward. I've proposed that Metro add a bike trail to their new tracks on the silver line, so yes, I guess I might also demand bike lanes along any new Metro tracks.

But to your original question. Here are some reasons to add the lanes to K street.

1. K Street is being done now and I and L are not. A bird in the hand...

2. K Street is longer than L and I and connects directly to Georgetown and the CCT and bridges I-395 (unlike I and L).

3. K Street is an important street and many people work, shop, deliver items etc.. there. It should be multi-modal.

The bike lanes don't take anything away from buses.

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