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Where's the link to the blog/article?

Why the stripped ghost bike photo with this post? Seems a little out of place with the associated article.

The photo shows how low bike thieves will go. Stealing the wheel off a ghost bike is pretty shameless in my opinion. Also, it's hard to find a photo that says "bike theft".

The link is added. My bad.

Happy story. A friend recently had her bike stolen. A few days later, walking down the street, she saw a guy on her bike. She told him it was her bike -- and he gave it back to her. (Columbia Heights)

Also, it's hard to find a photo that says "bike theft".

True that. Perhaps a picture of an empty back yard... :-\

Ms. McArdle needs a Dahon.

(Read the comments. Jeez, I woulda killed for 700 sq. ft. when my wife and I lived in Manhattan, but we found a way to make it work.)

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