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"Of the two build options for the K Street Transitway, which would feature dedicated busways from 9th Street NW to Washington Circle, only option three..."

Option three of two options? How many options are there exactly?

There are three options. Two build options and one "no build" option. That's confusing if you don't know the lingo.

I'm disappointed that WABA is recommending cycle tracks (i.e., sidepaths) on K St.

Unlike the photos posted here, K Street has frequent cross streets and garage entrances. The safest bicycle facility would be ordinary (narrow) curb lanes shared with motor vehicles. Paint sharrows in the center of such curb lanes to encourage traffic-averse bicyclists if you must. That's far better than building poorly designed and unsanctioned cycle tracks which would be death traps for bicyclists and unnecessarily delay both bicyclists and motorists.

The "no build" option is the best option.

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