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I love my Soma ES frame

Just to throw an idea out here - how about a Surly CrossCheck frame? You then transfer some of the parts over and save some $.

I love my LHT for all occasions, but I've thought a Cross Check might be better for as a commuter. Either will take anything from a flat bar to albatross bars if you were so inclined, and they're tough as nails.

I've also thought if I could afford to add something lighter and faster, a Jamis Coda would fit that slot perfectly.

Which Specialized Sirrus do you have? I just bought a 2010 Sirrus Elite with the aluminum core frame with carbon fiber seat post and handlbars. This is by far the best frame I've ever owned.

Jamis coda or Jamis sport. Both have steel frames and are very nice rides

BFROU likes the Soma ES too.

A 2006 Sirrus Pro.

Why not just get a new frame - I like my Long Haul Trucker, more so than my Cross-check - and transfer the parts over?

Get a steel frame bike and you won't have to worry about this again. You can be seriously injured by a frame breaking uexpectedly.

Surly for example if it has to be new. Or vintage steel frame, strip & repaint it, or better yet get a durable powdercoat baked on.

I'm happy with my Specialized Crosstrail Sport.

I concur with the other recommendations. One good solution would be to get a new frame (steel) and transfer over your parts. As others have noted, Surly makes a great frame--I ride a Big Dummy. My "fast commuter" is a Jamis Coda Comp, a good option for you if you want an entirely new bike.

The other bummer was that I tried to take Metro Bus home, but the "next bus" system lied to me and told me a bus wouldn't come for 45 minutes. So while trying to call a taxi a few minutes later, I missed the bus.

Have you contacted Specialized? Or taken the bike to a local authorized dealer? Many frames have a "lifetime warranty" (though admittedly I haven't read the fine print). Even if it's not covered I reckon they'd offer a replacement frame.

Thanks for everyone's help. Based on your input, I'm not going to get a new bike. I'm going to get the frame replaced on warranty (fingers crossed) and move all of the components over (well not all, I need a new cassette and front wheel anyway).

I'm totally digging all the Jamis Coda love out there. I have a black 2009 Coda, but there is this really sweet earlier model (early 2000's?) that's silver with slightly different geometry, and I see it everyday at the bike racks at my work. If you are the owner of this older Coda and you see this, I'll totally trade you my new one for yours!

+1 on the Jamis coda. probably the finest commuter I've ever ridden (I understand you are just switching some parts around, however).

I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm loving my Raleigh Sojourn so far. While I sem to eat right through the disc brake pads I don't know how I went so long without fenders!

Surly Cross Check. You can build it up as anything from a fixie to a mountain bike to a touring bike.

I got a new bike once from Schwinn because the frame broke. Steel frame, but a weld came apart. Great deal, since the bike that broke I bought used, cheap. But it took a couple of months. I hope yours is resolved quickly.

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