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Do you know if there's a plan to connect the section of the Anacostia Riverwalk trail near RFK to the section south of Pennsylvania that goes by the yacht clubs between the Souza bridge and Navy Yard? Right now you have to ride 100 yards down that weird unmarked freeway ramp and climb over the railroad tracks. There's some brush clearing that implies that maybe there's a plan to connect the two segments, and WABA's bike map says they're connected, but I can't find anything on DDOT's website about a plan.

Short answer: Yes. There are plans to connect the pieces. It is included in DC's plans for 2010-2015. [Last on DC's list of planned improvements]They don't have each element broken out by year, but the bulk of the money is budgeted for 2012, so that's my guess on when.

Long Answer: Originally DDOT had a tentative deal with CSX to cross the tracks here at grade, but then - about the time that DC passed the law banning hazardous materials from using tracks near the Capitol - CSX changed it's mind and insisted on a bridge. So that added a lot of time to building the connection.


According to the DDOT website, the bridges over the RR tracks (on both sides of the river)are scheduled to be constructed this year. Was there any update on that? (see this link)

I haven't heard much. The project is handled by AWI, not the bike/ped group at DDOT, so I don't get as much information. But it's pretty clear the project is far behind the schedule on the site - they have the east side trail being finished this fall, and work hasn't even started yet. Still I hadn't seen those renderings before. Cool.

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