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agree with LAB, but that is a pretty ridiculous bridge.

I move that the republican party be renamed the bike-haters-party. If McCain wants to talk about ridiculous infrastructure projects, let's talk about what is necessary for water to come out of the faucets in Tuscon, and for Phoenix golf courses to be green.

The overpass is part of a long distance trail. The way the report is written, it sounds like only 847 people use the bridge. FYI: that's 10x the number of people who would be served by the infamous bridge-to-nowhere.

If McCain and Coburn are so steamed about waste, then let's cut Federal subsidies for cars. Make cars pay for their wear and tear on the road just like trains pay to use CSX's tracks.

Let's put a highway just like the one in the picture next to the Capitol. Then we'll see if a bridge is needed. Well guess what, a bridge isn't needed for Coburn and McCain because the Congress has its own private subway system!

Let's band together and pitch in to buy McCain and Coburn a nice commuter bike. They just don't know what they're missing. I've seen both in person, so I really think they'd look nice on an 18.5" Jamis Commuter 4: http://www.jamisbikes.com/usa/thebikes/street/commuter/09_commuter4.html

Most likely the bridge was placed in the plan to keep to old cross access when the highway was upgraded to limited access. Just a guess.

@Mark: thanks for the clarification. +1 on water in Tucson, btw.

Unbelievable. But not unexpected, if that is possible.

Obviously, not only does the GOP not get it, they actively and aggressively spout their ignorance.

So sad.

Why is a bridge built over a road a "bike project" if it merely restores access that was previously present, but lost through denying bike access.

If I have something and you take it, and then give it back, the giving it back is not suddenly a gift: you are merely giving back what was already mine.

BTW: McCain's wife is extremely rich because she inherited the Arizona monopoly on booze. This is a pretty case of government subsidy to a special interest. It would be worthless in the free market.

When the Beltway was built it divided some property (a farm, I think) in Franconia. A bridge was built to accomodate the farm owner. It was taken down after the farm was subdivided for non agricultural purposes sometime in the last 15 or so years. Too bad it's not still there. Bikes could be useing it and annoying Mccain and Coburn!

The bridge pictured is not unlike the one that crosses MD197 as part of the WB&A trail, which I use for both transportation and recreation. It is not an exotic design. Mostly pre-fab. Nothing to whine about. Maybe these guys feel left out because they can't use it? Those pesky "No Motor Vehicle" signs again...

Ronald Reagan,George H. W . Bush, George w. Bush.
20 years of the last 28 years, explains everything.
Thanks for the mess and killing the American Dream.

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