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They say put bike racks close to the building, but this is ridiculous.

At a camp I visited where about 300 kids rode their bikes and parked every day, the old fashioned slot racks worked well. The bikes had kickstands and didn't need to be locked. That kind of rack can fit lots of bikes in a small space... not one per slot, but you could pick the closest slot that wasn't blocked. But they're terrible if you have a full sized bike with no kickstand.

We had a similar problem with the bike racks in the garage where I work. Our building services people kept putting them (the old fashioned kind) up against a wall. It drove the cyclists who used it up against a wall too. After several years of complaining one of our commuters advised the head of building services that the configuration of the racks was unsafe and that there would be hell to pay if someone got hurt trying to deal with his stupid bike rack set up. The next day the racks were moved elsewhere in the garage and placed perpendicular to a wall. Problem solved. How hard is it to figure this stuff out?!

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