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The story focuses on the fact that she was not wearing a helmet, which seems to imply blame the cyclist.

The story does not indicate if
(a) was she trying to cross at the cross walk or (b) if there was reasonably safe way to cross.

If she was trying to cross at the cross walk, as makes sense by the map, the question should be why the driver did not yield to the crosswalk, as required by law in Maryland.

After speeding, this is probably the most violated traffic law, and one that has tragic consequences....another (sad) datapoint to direct back at motorists who complain about scofflaw cyclists.

I thought the same thing about this. The one thing they focus on was her helmet status, which was not illegal and may not have made a difference. Frankly I'm not sure how much a helmet would protect a cyclist hit by a car at high speed.

We don't know enough to place any blame on either party at this time, but it seems an odd thing to focus on.

According to the county road code found here - http://www.amlegal.com/nxt/gateway.dll?f=templates&fn=default.htm&vid=amlegal:montgomeryco_md_mc those under the age of 18 must be wearing a helmet.

Right you are. The County law is stricter than the State law.

Its all very sad

I used to live just north of the accident scene off of Muddy Branch road. From there I regularly bike commuted to Chevy Chase.

I can say that in the time I lived there cars absolutely DID NOT yield to anybody in the crosswalk.

I too used the MUP along the highway. In the mornings traffic was light enough that I could wait for an acceptable break in the flow to cross.

In the afternoons with traffic pouring off of 370 I often had to simply stand at the crosswalks and wait and wait. Usually after several minutes the traffic would back up at a red light far enough to allow me to cross between the now stopped cars.

All these scofflaw motorists. We should ban cars.

Truly sad. I'm a cyclist, and I have no sympathy for the car freaks. That said -- wear a helmet. And do not assume that a motor vehicle will yield to you the right of way. Geez -- on these on grade crosswalks even when cars stop, I only assume they're trying to get a better shot at me.

Please be careful, children.

It seems the Washington Post, corrected its first report on the accident. The correction states, Codi DID have a helmet. The police did not locate the helmet at the scene and it seems the helmet was taken to the hospital with Codi by the emergency personnel. I do hope the information is correct. I was sadden to read the story and it indicates some blame on the cyclist. The family of the cyclist attends the same church as my brother. When my brother informed me of the accident, it really hit home for me. I wanted to make sure the facts were presented correctly in respect for the cyclist and the family.

EAN, I couldn't find that. Is it at the link above?

I knew her she was a friend and it is a tragedy that this happened. The car should have been looking

Sorry for my comment

If you google her name: Codi N Alexander the website should read: CORRECTIONS-washingtonpost.com I actually live in WA state and my brother knows the family. I think it's very important that people know Codi was doing the right thing by wearing her helmet. I don't know the family but the tragedy of losing a child is overwhelming. People need to know she was a safe cyclist and her memory respected as well. Thanks!!

The important issue is that the County really needs to look at this location of the crosswalk, it's a bad configured spot that is very dangerous when you come around the corner from Sam Eig to Great Seneca.
I'm always afraid of getting rear ended, because people are driving too fast around that curve & not much distance to stop. The light and the crosswalk are in somewhat of a blind spot. I think they should move the red light back further toward the right merge! The family is in our thoughts and prayers

oh my god. she DID WEAR A FREAKIN HELMET. and really? honestly what does it freakin matter. their story made it sound like she ASKED to get hit. she didn't. and yes im emotional about this because im her sister and it kinda gets me REALLY mad when people say she wasn't wearing a helmet. people read the article, not the correction.

lilsis, I'm so sorry for your loss. This post had been corrected to show that she was wearing a helmet, but I've since restated it more clearly.

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