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There was a hit & run in Silver Spring 3 years ago. The police got the model and color of the vehicle, and even saw the vehicle the next day but lost it, and still could not catch the culprit. (It didn't help that MCPD's response was virtually negligent, and I don't say that lightly). These cases are difficult to resolve. I hope the perpetrator loses sleep at night for the next 20 years. Why would someone not stop? DUI? Suspended license? Immigration problems? Who knows.

As usual with this kind of story, key facts are missing. However, if you ride a lot, you'll know it wouldn't be unusual for someone to be riding in the dark without lights, without a helmet, and indeed without reflectors or reflective clothing. Also, to me this stretch of highway seems dangerous even in broad daylight. Every day, I see some ill-advised cycling and wonder how more of us aren't killed.

Not to excuse hit and run driving.

old guy - How does someone get home from work at 10:00 pm in Prince William County, if they don't own a car?

Hey Ben -- I'd be the last person to tell someone not to bike. My point is if you're going to bike, wear a helmet. If you're going to bike in the dark, use lights. And if you have a choice, don't bike on busy highways.

I have noticed a number of people cycling in PW without a helmet or light. Perhaps a bike safety education program that focuses on getting info out to riders and having free, or low cost, helmets and lights available would help. There are programs such as "Yield to Life" that are trying to make strides in the area of bike safety awareness. I am thinking that there must be a grant out there some where for this. Saving one life would be worth it.

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