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I participated in the 4th Annual Nation's Triathlon. This is the 4th time I've participated in this race and I have to hand it to the organizers, it has gotten better and better every year.

Last year, I rode my bike with a trailer down to the race course and locked it up at the FDR Memorial Bike Racks. I met my wife at the Finish Line, we walked back to Transition and I rode my tri-specific bike home and she road my Mountain Bike with the trailer.

This year, since my wife was away on travel, I opted to walk to the Hinkley Hilton where the race was running shuttle buses to the Transition Area. In a huge improvement over last year, the Finish line was right next to Transition. I rode my bike home.

Personally, I'd like the race to have race day bike racking so that more people can ride to and from the race. With all the road closures and being on a Sunday, it is difficult to drive and park. In my case, without having a second rider, riding a second bike down would have made getting home logistically difficult.

Congrats to the organizers on pulling off two great triathlons in DC in the same summer and for yet another huge improvement over last year's race.

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