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Let's hope this passes...

It will be interesting to see what the two Republicans say...

I sent them a message! I hope it passes.

Any update? what happened?

I wasn't there, so I don't know. Just checked the alexandriava.gov site for City Council minutes. The site has a docket/minutes document, but the council's decision is not yet noted.

Interestingly, the City Manager's recommendation on the request for funds (linked to from the docket/minutes) also includes Phase II construction of a bike/ped tunnel on Holmes Run, bike sharing, bike parking at major transit stops, and Braddock Rd. metro multimodal connections.

I sent a message, too. Hope they can pass and get funding for the bus bike racks and some of the other things, too.

I heard back from two councilmen but Kerry Donnely actually responded in detail (see below):

Thank you for writing about your support for the addition of bike racks on DASH busses through the use of CMAQ and RSTP funding. Last evening, the Council adopted a request for funding in the amount of $5.1 million and the bike racks were #4 on the priority list for funding. Once our request is evaluated and funding is awarded, the City will then begin a process of addressing our top priorities with the funding available through this grant. Based upon recent history, the City will most likely not receive the full amount requested. Thus we will have to reprioritize our request which may ultimately enhance the chances that the bike rack allocation is made. Additionally, the City is also including bike racks for DASH busses in additional grant requests beyond the CMAQ and RSTP funding request.

As an avid cyclist, I appreciate your request and I feel it is appropriate for the City to promote bike racks on DASH busses. DASH is just now beginning to add these racks on new busses being purchased and added to the fleet. In order to get maximum benefit however, we need to add them to our existing busses. It is my hope that when we reprioritize, the CMAQ and RSTP funding that we will be able to include the bike racks. Much will depend upon available funding, however.

Thanks again for writing.

Kerry J. Donley
Vice Mayor

I had also written to the City Council and got the same e-mail response from the Vice Mayor as Eric W.

I also received a response (within a couple hours of writing and before the actual council meeting) from Councilman Krupicka, who was not going to be able to attend the meeting (out of town on business). He agreed with the need for bike racks on the buses, but pointed to limited funds and a need for some replacement buses as limiting factors (I'm paraphrasing). At least he's aware of the situation, and I was glad that he responded so fast...

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