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This is a good project. Unfortunately there are numerous other longer stretches of the Bethesda Trolley Trail where the problems are worse. Along Old Georgetown Road, north of NIH, the trail is just a sidewalk with no separation from the curb, with an occasional telephone pole in the middle. (It's nice to see bicyclists in Google shots). Then on NIH grounds the trail is only 5' wide and shared with pedestrians, while at the southern end of the NIH section there are awkwardly placed bollards. [Sorry if the links don't work - might require MoBike listserve access].

Jack Cochrane is right about there being major problems with this trail. I like the concept of this trail, but the entire section from Bethesda to north of NIH is little more than a narrow sidewalk. It should be signed as FUTURE Bethesda Trolley Trail there, to indicate it is not worthy of being called a trail yet but may become a real trail in the future if the county will get serious.

Seriously - the so called "trail" is not complete if it has to travel on a sidewalk. It might be okay for walking, but how can they seriously expect people to bike on this part?

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