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Hey, when you argue with Tad DeHaven you run up against the intellectual might of someone with a BA in economics from Shippensburg University. It is futile. When Tad complains about Federal funds used to fund bike parking on non-Federal land that is in fact Federal land, what he means to say is that the Founding Fathers never intended for the Federal government to own train stations because trains didn't exist in 1789. Guess he has to spell it out for all you Ivy League types.

Somehow I get the impression that if the parking structure was larger, Cato would be writing the exact same article anyway. Their main sticking point seems to be that gov't money was spent on bicycles, as if that was somehow incompatible with Cato's ideological principles.

Early Man, that is one of the funniest comments on this blog ever. You're channeling monkeyerotica.

I am glad you are calling Cato on this one. They are usually very proud of being consistent and true to their principles, damn politics. Here, however, Cato's relative silence on parking garages and all the other car subsidies speaks volumes.

The Bike Station is a $4 million bike rack... and the Cato Institute building is a $29 million/year refuge for right-wing blowhards who were too radical for the Heritage Foundation or the Free Enterprise Institute.

I bet they're just mad that they're not getting a bike station in their neighborhood.

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