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He didnt promise to replace the bike, he threatened to keep putting trashy badly painted bikes out there until they leave them up....this is no longer about Alice, its all about him

Which sucks, because I think a nice plaque in the sidewalk there would be nice.

That, Im sure would also require her family to stop trying to destroy the garbage hauler as well.

Instead of turning this into a circus, I hope some cool heads could prevail and the city, the Swanson family and WABA would find a good way to remember Alice, make that intersection safer, and encourage careful travels.

No one should want such controversy over their own death or a family member's. If heaven forbid I get run over by a bus, here's my wishes: Put up a ghost bike for a month, or not if it's a bother (check with the family), and then remove it. Occasional flowers might be nice after that. If for some reason my ghost bike disappears, well, it's a bike in a public place. I've had bikes stolen while living. Any ceremony surrounding the decommissioning of the bike can use another bike, preferably one that fits me.

As for Carrefour, doesn't it cheapen the ghost bike rite by putting them everywhere?

On second thought, no ghost bike for me.

This is all a little much for me.

For my memorial, I would like the money that would be normally spent on ghost bikes and the lobbying and negotiations around this particular incident to go towards public education efforts on how to ride defensively. Also, maybe a little going to cover free blinkie lights for those who can't afford them.

Nothing to see here. Move on, please.

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