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Somebody in D.C. needs to come up with a policy for ghost bikes (besides making them obsolete). Or is there one?

Jesus. All anyone wanted was the bike(s) to be removed in a dignified matter, with public notice. But no, instead they've been, with no announcement, unceremoniously piled up and carried off in a truck. Basically the same treatment as last time. Either DPW are being passive-aggressive bullies, or they really don't get it that this means more than just junked bikes.

I originally thought the 22 bikes was I good way to poke DDOT in the eye for removing the original ghost. On second thought, 22 ghost bikes isn't a tribute to Alice Swanson it's just obnoxious. Perhaps something understated can serve the purpose, like this:


to me it wasn't about Alice after the first one. many ghost bikes in the past (and others even now) are not memorials to individuals, but rather simply reminders to watch out for cyclists.

It became more about cyclists wanting to see some progress at the intersection and not wanting to be forgotten. that is a fight that will continue. Someone should organize a ghost cyclist protest for more/better bike facilities... it can be ghosts of cycling future - the women and children and elderly who don't ride now because we haven't built the infrastructure to make it posssible yet.

"The odd thing is that the laws for abandoned bicycles, Section 1209, only deal with bikes that are locked to something"

You can't seriously be calling them out on the legality of this.

If you really want to play that game, then you're right- the law doesn't apply. Since it's not locked to anything, it's simply litter on public property and should be disposed of immediately.

I'm not calling them out on the legality of it. But they're the ones who are hiding behind policy and law for their behavior instead of just saying, "we blew it. We should have handled it better." This is their game, not mine. And are they "litter?" I'm not sure that holds up either.

meanwhile in denmark...

...the simple act of parking a bicycle is elevated to a symphony of grace, poetry and elegance... (this is just a fraction of the bikes... large numbers of bikes left in public space is taken for granted... notice they don't even lock to a pole!)

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