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for what it's worth i called on the artist to clean it up as well... i figured WABA could go get them since their office is a few blocks away.

several of the other cycles had been locked as well. i don't know if the artist locked them or not, but the day the 22 went up i saw a woman placing locks on a few of the other bikes.

Fair enough. I just wanted to make clear that this is not a WABA initiative.

i'm amazed how much attention a pile of bikes gets. Embedded in that reaction is a circular argument for the status-quo arrangmenet of space for automobiles, bike, and cars. 22 bikes adds up to about 1/2 the space taken up by one SUV - since you can fit about 40 bikes into one parking space. to be fair should we not spend twice as much attention on each car that parks in dupont circle and/or disobays a parking regulation? the fact that the level of attention is not proportional highlights how out of balance the perception is.

the amount of space that is is considered acceptable for bicycles to occupy is at the very core of the public confrontation.

how much space is it acceptable for parked cars to use - and for how long? If every car owner instead kept 22 bikes out in the street in a big pile - it would still take up only 1/2 as much space as the cars do now.

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