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On a related note, Minneapolis is building what will effectively be a "cycle track" on 1st Ave N downtown. If you look at the revised recommended layout, it shows what looks like a cycle track between Washington Ave and 8th St, with regular bike lanes extending further in each direction.

Als of note on that will be sharrows along Hennepin Ave, along what will be a bus and bike only lane.

On another note, I recently suggested a cycle track through Old Town on my blog...

Can we really call these cycle tracks? It seems like this is a bike lane with a few more feet of paint separating the traffic and not an actual curbed or bollard separation.

At what point is a cycle track just a bike lane? I'm not saying this is a bad bike lane, but there still is the opportunity for cars to veer into the lane for whatever reason.

There's a lane of parked cars between the bike lane and the moving traffic, so I'd call that a cycle track.

Froggie, having separate areas on the sidewalk (or path) for bicyclists and pedestrians could ease conflicts on city streets. But the question is, what do you install if bike lanes (or wide outside lanes) are doable, and cycletracks are doable, but you can't do both. The solution surely varies by context, but I see cycletracks more as paths than as bike lanes, with some of the same drawbacks. I'd much rather be in the street on an urban street.

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