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Did you get that email from Gabe Klein on SmartBike? It sounded to me like they are seriously considering an alternative vendor (cough cough BIXI cough). I, for one, would love DDOT to drop Clear Channel, shut down and gut the system entirely for six months, and then deploy BIXI all over the city. Done right the first time. All existing SmartBike users get a free year or something.

Progress on the Met Branch is encouraging, but I am disappointed to learn about the delay on the southern-most section. This is a crucial piece of trail . . for me, at least, the trail is not very helpful without the easy crossing of FL and NY. One would think that with as much time as they have had to plan this project, the agencies could have worked out their stormwater management plans earlier.

I agree with Purple Eagle - that easy crossing of FL and NY is a crucial part of the Met Branch.

I've heard talk of signing the MetBranch route where it follows the streets north of Brookland and Fort Totten to Takoma. The new website photo tour shows a nice Met Branch route sign as the first photo. But as of last week I could find no route signs north of Brookland. Are there still plans to mark the route north of Brookland? If so, what is taking so long?

@anonymous, I didn't see the email (I'm not a member anymore. I didn't want to take a membership from someone who would actually use it). Can you send it to me?

Is there a functioning Bicycle Advisory Council? No meeting minutes for this group have been posted on the DDOT Web site for over a year.

There is. But there is a movement to disconnect the BAC from DDOT. BAC is meant to advise the Mayor and District Council on bicycle issues. It also serves a citizen oversight role. As such it's inappropriate for DDOT to host their information, set their agenda, write their minutes etc...all of which has been done in the past.

One thing the BAC will do with its $10k is to create an independent website where it will post minutes and solicit feedback.

Re: There's a stairway being built to give access to a school along the route.

I wonder if it will have a "trough" for bikes to go up and down the stairs.

@Richard, I didn't ask, but the other stairways thus far have had a trough. I think everyone's disappointed that the key NY Ave to R Street section is taking so long.

As I understand it, WMATA's engineers signed off on the project a couple of months ago and had that been the end of it, it'd be opening in spring. But WMATA tried to get DC to pay them to use the land - even though the trail connects to their station - and so the negotiation over that caused the slip.

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