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This bike is on the corner very close to my house. It's been parked there for the last two months or so. I will note that there have been a number of occasions where I have seen the bike gone (meaning, it's being ridden someplace) so it's not an abandoned bike. BTW, this is an old-school mixte frameset--probably 20 years old.

I'll try to leave a note on it to let them know.

"If it is a memorial it will be removed in 30 days" If its not a memorial, then what?

So somebody complains and then that signpost can't be used to park bikes?

Maybe it's just a poorly worded statement, but it sounds like a resident complained because they don't like it there, and DPW is jumping to remove it without considering that it may just be someone's daily parking spot. Echoes of last year's ugly bike fiasco at Union Station.

It does sound a little like the ugly bike fiasco! With the rate of bike thefts in DC, you would be nuts to park anything in public UNLESS it were beat up. My office parking garage has a locked cage in which to lock your bike...I think that this is the standard we should be looking to.

This is ridiculous. One of my bikes is mostly white - do I have to worry about locking it up anywhere in the city and DPW/DDOT thinking it's a protest/ghost bike?

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Is it me or does there seem to be less and less patience lately for bikes (especially beaters) locked up in public?

I've had the sema problem in Baltimore lately... except in Baltimore they don't do notices - they simply respond to any "abandoned bike" complaint by cutting the lock and sending the bike to charity without looking for the owner.

Lee Watkins: what evidence do you have that the city disposed of the bike this way? You could have a basis for suit against the city.

I pass this bike often. It is actually a very nice looking bike and it's moved often. However, the alley nearest to the bike is filthy, I think that DPW should stick to cleaning alleys.

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