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Hmm. I got the email about the ride yesterday night. Subject line: "Ride DC's Forbidden Streets"

Last I heard, the Whitehurst is not off-limits for cyclists. You'd have to be pretty desperate to ride it, but I don't think its illegal.

Yeah, the whitehurst has a 35mph speed limit. There are people who ride it everyday. I'm not one of them, but it's not Forbidden.

Whitehurst is marked as a bike route on the city bike map. In fairness, often the traffic moves so slowly there that a bicycle would be the fastest way. Although I think it would be quicker to avoid the mess at the terminal of Canal Road and take the CCT to water street.

I'm not sure that Jefferson Davis Highway is formally closed to cyclists either. I've never noticed signs -- which doesn't mean they're not there -- and Virginia requires roads to be signed if they are closed to cycling.

I guess the point is that a lot more roads are open to cyclists than people realize -- in theory at least.

I've ridden on Whitehurst twice, mid-day on a weekday. It was a blast. Not part of my commute route, just thought I'd try it on the way to a dr.visit @ GT Hosp.

Bicycling on the Whitehurst Freeway, especially in the inbound direction, is a piece of cake and overall probably safer than the alternatives of M St and K St NW. I've ridden it inbound hundreds of times without incident. I control the right travel lane and avoid the shoulder.

There is nothing illegal or forbidden about bicycling on this roadway.

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