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That he's not allowed to bike in for security reasons is BS. Energy Secretary Chu bikes to work: http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2009/05/15/secretary-chu-rides-herd-on-co2-with-5000-bike/

Read closer - Chu partook in Bike to Work Day, but it was the first time he'd done so since taking the job as Energy Secretary. Note his remark about it taking a long time because he made a wrong turn. There was an interview, posted here a while back I think, where he expressed his regret at being unable to ride on a regular basis. Or at least he's strongly discouraged; I think his words were something like, "My security detail doesn't like it."

FYI it's "Ray" LaHood, not "Roy."

Is there really a security risk? I call BS no matter what Secretary Chu does. I wouldn't know Mr. Lahood if he punched me in the face (unless, of course, he said, "Take that. I'm Ray Lahood").

Dyslexia rears its ugly head.

There probably is no real security risk. Just like no one will probably blow up Goddard Space Flight Center or the Marine Commandant's house on Capitol Hill. But overreacting security professionals is nothing new.

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