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As may already be clear, I am not a fan of Copenhagenize. Before we get all fuzzy and warm about Horton's pieces, it's important to see how they fit into the larger message of the blog. That message is that the basic problem is *not* dangerous roads, but rather irrational fear. Mikael (Copenhagaze's founder and editor) has decided that "cycling is safe," and that the *real* problem, basically, is *cyclists*--cyclists who contribute to a culture of fear by wearing helmets, and make cycling appear "strange" by wearing lycra, etc.

If fact, Mikael would presumably see this blog, with its focus on bike fatalities, unsafe roads, etc. as part of the problem.

I tried commenting... but it appeared in the wrong space

that girl is so cute
that image is so sad
the senseless death of her parents fills me with a wide range of emotions

all we can hope is that this little girl grows up to become a super hero to avenge the death of her parents

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