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The Silver Spring bike station idea is still alive, see an update at www.silverspringtrails.org.


Please whatever the new one can we not have a Star Trek space station? Unless it's L'Enfant, anything would make that look better.

I'm not sure the current development plan for the SW corner of K St. and Connecticut Ave. but when the economy first started sinking I had heard it would be turned into surface parking until the owners could get the coming building up. If that's the case I'd love to see a temporary bike-station there. I can't remember if it's San Francisco or Long Beach, but there is one in California that re-uses shipping containers to construct theirs. Cheap and quick to put up, and can be moved when the owners get ready to build their typical boring as hell K st. glass building.

So much potential with Silver Spring in particular. Also a few protected bike lanes in Silver Spring would go a long way.

Dupont Down-under would be a slam dunk.

L'Enfant Plaza - also sensible I agree.

I think that's Long Beach. The Farragut area would be another great location. Another good thing about Union Station is that the station is closer to some stations by bike than by rail. For example if you get off the red line at Union Station you can probably walk to Capitol South faster than you can take the Metro there. So for people who work on Capitol Hill coming in from the eastern Red line, a bike makes for a good transition. The Farragut stations have that same factor, though to a lesser degree.

Farragut Square and Gallery Place would be 1 and 2 on my priority list.

With the two of them, you get direct access to all five Metro lines. One or the other would be convenient to any person living or working anywhere near downtown.

Dupont would be good because you've already got a natural facility with the old streetcar subway, but on the whole I'd guess Farragut and Gallery Place would be much more natural locations.

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