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Police said the fact that Taylor was bicycling in the flight path of the discharged bullets, rather than travelling in an automobile, was considered a major contributor in the shooting. They said they were exploring other factors.

The shooter told investigators he had exercised all firearms safety procedures, authorities said.

Maybe he wasn't riding on the shoulder like supposedly he should've been. The police will cite that as contributory negligence and not cite the shooter. Oh wait, this isn't Maryland.

That sarcasm of the two top posters is just so poignant.

Terrible. Multiple shots in the face and boddy. That doesn't seem like a stray bullet hit him.

Let's see whether they are connecting this to gang violence.

Gang violence? Perhaps he rode in a critical mass ride. Yes, its another scofflaw cyclist.

/end sarcasm/ I do feel sorry for this cyclist. I wonder if there is any nexus to him biking, or is the fact that he was on a bike irrelevant to the crime.

I wonder if there is any nexus to him biking, or is the fact that he was on a bike irrelevant to the crime.I wonder about that too. My guess now is it is unrelated, simply because it would have to be a very odd circumstance (road rage or bikejacking?) to be related.

Do you think that road rage is that unusual?

Road rage unusual? No. Road rage that leads to someone shooting someone else unusual? Yes. Usually, as Richard Layman pointed out when he sent me this link, people kill people they know.

They need a criminal fort over there.

Mr Taylor was a great young man who had a wonderful future. May he rest in peace and may they soon find who committed this terrible crime. He will be truly missed.

Another dude (see the Salsbury bike fataltiy) who was on a bike because of traffic court issues...see docket 2009 CTF 021008 busted for driving with no license in an unregistered vehicle on 9/29

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