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I give it a week before someone scrawls "if they have a death wish" beneath that.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't cyclists always allowed to use the full lane? If so, I hope signs like these don't lead drivers to think it's an exception rather than the rule (literally).

I have the same concern as Dan.

how about another sign below saying something like "here and everywhere else too"?

Or just drop the "May":
"Cyclists - Use full lane"

"Employees must wash hands" (and all you other guys too!)

BTW, is the rider in the icon wearing a beret??

I'm in Chicago and just saw a sign that said "Drivers must yield to pedestrians". I think it's just a reminder and not a statement that it's an exception.

I agree that this is supposed to be a reminder, but, considering many drivers seem to forget even the yield-to-peds-in-crosswalk rule, I wouldn't be surprised if some would interpret this to mean:
sharrow = bikes can use full lane.
no sharrow = bikes must stay to the edge of the lane so cars can squeeze by.

In any event, this is a small issue compared to the much greater benefit of having such visible bicycle infrastructure.

What about the signs at Hains Point that read "Cyclists must stop at stop signs" or whatever. Do drivers interpret that as

Signs = bikes must stop
no sign = bikes may run stop sign?

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