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Sounds to me like the residents shouldn't have a leg to stand on on this one, but I have this eerie feeling that these NIMBYs might win out, easement or not...

It's kinda like people that move into neighborhoods near airports and then complain about all the noise...

The ironic thing is that the people fighting this tooth 'n' nail are the same ones who will absolutely love the trail once it goes it. Funny too that they should cite safety concerns for their children. Where do their kids play now? At least with the trail they'd have a place to bicycle safely.

On the positive side, this morning parts of the Potomac Heritage Trail north of the Wilson Bridge were being repaved. This is the trail that runs through Oxon Hill Farms.

As for the PH Trail south of National Harbor... It is sad that people are so ill-informed and so fearful of change that they'll gladly pass up a great outdoor exercise facility in favor of continuing to drive their Ritalin-drugged little porkers around in their minivans.

"their Ritalin-drugged little porkers around in their minivans"

Who did not have to think of that great article in Bicycling magazine when reading this line?

Let's see: Mount Vernon Trail = good. Capital Crescent Trail = good, W&OD Trail = good, North Central Rail Trail = good, C&O Canal towpath = good, GAP Trail = good, Potomac Heritage Trail = bad.

Makes sense to me.

I don't often take ADD drugs, but when I do prefer Concerta.

It says the PG county council is taking comments until the 2nd. Do they take email comments? Anyone have an address?

No email, Snail mail only.

"Written testimony and/or exhibits will be accepted in lieu of, or in addition to, oral
testimony. To be accepted into the record, written testimony or comments must be original, signed
documents. E-mails or faxes will not be considered, unless followed by originals mailed to the Clerk
of the Council. Written comments may be submitted to: Clerk of the Council, County Administration
Building, Room 2198, 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772. The
public record period will close on November 2, 2009."

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