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This really is a beautiful trail. It isn't all that quick of a commuter trail, because of the hills and bumpy bridges, but it is so much safer than the nearby roads that it is worth it. The best rides on this trail are ones where you can go slow and easy enough to enjoy them. It also ties in with the Rock Creek trail system to the west, which can take you all the way to DC. It is worth checking out.

Didn't you hear? It's an unmitigated environmental disaster (according to the Sierra Club). So get off your destructive bike and drive a car!

Sorry, but I'm so sick of the "no trails" folks I can't help but get sarcastic.

Matthew Henson is a great trail! But does anyone know what distance the mile markers represent, that is, miles to what? At the eastern terminus at Alderton Road, there is a marker showing 13 miles and these markers decrease as you go west, but it's not 13 miles to the junction with Rock Creek Trail. In fact, I don't think it's even half this distance to Rock Creek.

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